Divining Truth, Straight Talk From Source (the story) thunder


This book is a written narrative of some of the questions people have asked me over the years. In answering the questions, I opened my heart and mind to the responses from Cosmic Consciousness within which we dwell. I am pleased and delighted to have Birgitt Williams write the book's foreword.

You will want to continue the Storytime portion of this book by reading the first sequel, Designing Truth, The Audacity of Intention.

If you choose to read this book, set aside the limiting beliefs to which you are presently attached, giving yourself the opportunity to view life anew within the aspect of I AM. You will experience an invitation to know yourself as union. In the words of this book’s speaker, “Come, witness yourself as I AM within ME.”


"Before there was time, before there was space, I AM. Some call ME God; some Source; some All That Is and many, many other names in an attempt to name ME. From within ME emanates an attribute I AM calling Creator giving that aspect a label you can use to help you understand how you exist within all dimensions through an emanation of ME.

"Imagine ME consciously existing as light for the purposes of presenting a picture to the mind. If I am going to weave a yarn for you, I need threads with which to weave, so let MY first thread be light without purpose or goal. Let's give this light a name – let's call it love – not human love with all of its conditions and expectations – but limitless love, absolute love without judgment or form held within ME as the most perfect manifestation of all of that I AM. The extension of this love is what I AM calling Creator.

"The light, Love as Creator is aware, consciously aware of Itself and Its existence within infinity without beginning. It is aware, only that. Love is aware. In a timeless moment, Love begins to express in form. It sends out rays of love-filled light, emanations of ME. This light contains everything that Love is and as it is extending into space, it is creating as it spreads, ever unfolding into the infinite space with each emanation. The waves of light are endless and are composed of all that Love is as I AM.

"You are made of Love and light. Everything that you feel is part of that Love within ME. It is up to you how you are going to express yourself in each moment of passing time as it records your thoughts, words and actions in created space. Only you know what feels so enrapturing, so enthralling you do not ever want to leave; want to continue experiencing this union with Love in its fullest, infinite, complete form. Only you can create the weaving of the threads for yourself because you are that Love in form. When you accept you are the endless love that you call by any other name, God, Source, Allah, or I AM, then you will realize you do not live in past or future. All streaming emanations of you within Creator within ME are present in this moment everywhere, infinitely."

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